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Writer's Block: Into the wild

If you could, would you set a zoo animal free? Which one and why?

Uh, no. Even those animals that are in deplorable roadside zoos, which need to be removed and put in better places, can't really be set free. A wild animal that's accustomed to human contact is a wild animal that's going to be a danger to itself and to people. I've heard of someone building a wolf pack out of rescued animals on a little island in Russia, where they can live more naturally, but those wolves aren't "free" - they're just in a bigger cage, with less human contact. And they have to stay that way, because when they see a human they run over and beg for treats.

Why do so many of these questions have the dumb?

286 pictures of 1 man (part 3/3)

The last of the Mister Master icons. Once more, credit for screencaps goes to Emma-Jane at disparue.org/gallery, and while I offer these icons freely for any sort of use you like, I do ask that you please credit me here at spoofmaster if you take them.



good lord why did I make so many iconsCollapse )

286 pictures of 1 man (part 2/3)

As before, these are textless icons of John Simm as the Master. Screencaps came from disparue.org/gallery. Feel free to use these in any way you see fit, including as bases, but please credit spoofmaster when you do.



another 99 icons under the cutCollapse )

286 pictures of 1 man (part 1/3)

286 textless icons of John Simm as the Master. All are made from caps by Emma-Jane (disparue.org/gallery), using images from Utopia, The Sound of Drums, and The Last of the Time Lords. These were made for use in LJ-based RP, but are free for any sort of use, including as bases. Please do remember, though, to credit spoofmaster.



Seriously, there are a whole lotta icons hereCollapse )

Happy Easter!!

My parents sent me a link this morning: 2000 Christians in Houston doing an Easter dance together. The shoes at the end are supposed to be for people in need (though it seems like a potentially wasteful way to donate shoes; Idek; hopefully that worked out however they planned it to).

Also, I did not know there was such a thing as "GodTube." Kind of loling at that.

ETA: GodTube embed feature, why you no work? :| Here is the link, in case the embed feature is failing for the rest of you, too. Let me know, too, if the embed comes up and it insta-plays on page load; I unclicked that option but I am a little paranoid that it will do it anyway.


Oh, God

I'm glad we have warning systems in place now for the places that had a few hours to prepare, but Japan....

CROP Walk 2011

Hey, everyone, it's that time again - I'm signed up for another charity event and have once again delayed my fund raising to the last minute. This time it's CROP Walk, and we'll be raising money for hungry people. The walk is on March 6 (there's one on both the 5th and the 6th, so don't be confused if the website says March 5), but they'll keep accepting donations for this year's walk well into the summer, so I may continue to pester you after the fact if I don't meet my goal of $150.

The money goes to fill food pantries, buy chickens and coops for families in developing nations in order to provide them with an ongoing source of eggs and meat, repair wells, and other various hunger-related projects. 25% of the money goes to efforts here in Texas, while the rest goes abroad. All donations are fully tax deductible here in the USA, and some employers may offer donation matching for the event. If you decide to help me out with this, you can submit a donation by credit card on my personal page.


Here, have a disaster plan for archives - Emergency Response: Zombies and Risks to Repositories. The responses to this on the preservation listserv were priceless, too. For instance:

"Incorporating appropriate responses for Zombie emergences (a Zombie Emergence precedes the actual emergency status) and biblio-attractions has been on my mind since Zombies began to manifest themselves in Earnest several years ago (that's Earnest, TN, by the way). Their self-insertion into many formats has increased and become very troubling.

For years we had been able to restrict Zombies to moving image formats, and especially to black-and-white and early color film. Now, with surprising finesse, we begin to see them in what is commonly called 'classic literature,' for instance, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I can only suppose that some doctoral student was studying both the classics and popular culture or cinema, and his/her brain served as the bridge, as well as the meal.

Needless to say, this leap has been troubling. Not simply because of the leap to so-called classic literature, but because the ingest of a doctoral student's brain can open gateways to a variety of formats and approaches. I know you share my horror at the thought of Zombies ingesting Marxist or postmodernist approaches: how does one deconstruct the notion of "Undead?" Given comebacks by so many people we believed departed--Richard Nixon springs immediately to mind, but there are others--and the continuing release of music by the Beatles, Grateful Dead, and Jimi Hendrix, what does undead actually mean in today's culture? While this gives life and hope to those working in intellectual property, it remains a concern for those of us laboring with authorial intent."

Winston Atkins, Preservation Officer, Duke University Libraries

Zombies aside, the latest thing to come to me through a listserv is Archives Hulk. "HULK ARRANGE! HULK DESCRIBE! HULK DEACCESSION!"

Oh archivists, never change. Well, except stop telling me how screwed I am when it comes to getting a job after graduation. I know I'm screwed. I don't want to hear it.


Various things:

1. I saw The King's Speech yesterday afternoon, and it was truly beautiful. Colin Firth deserves an Oscar for his performance as King George VI, and the film contains what has to be the single best use of Mozart's Seventh Symphony ever in its climax - melancholy and defiant at once in music, plot, and images. The film is about a personal struggle and triumph, but it takes place against the backdrop of the darkest period in our recent history - not exactly the most upbeat of films, all told (hooray, he's overcome his stammer and made a rousing speech...crap, that speech is the first of all the ones he'll make throughout WWII), but you come away from it with at least a bit of hope. It's a movie about the end of an era, but it doesn't leave you feeling bereft.

2. I've made a post on asex_adjusted about sex positivity, asexuality, and gender identification. It's far too long and probably incoherent.

3. IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT. The ice was covered with a thin layer of actual snow when I got up this morning, though it had all melted completely away wherever there was sunlight. My door is permanently in shadow, though, so there's snow on the walkway in front of my apartment. I took pictures.


Well, I just got the final word back from the CU Honors Journal (three days after they said they'd contact me), and they're not publishing my paper. This is discouraging, to say the least.