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Thoughts on The Hobbit:

I am too effing tired to have thoughts on The Hobbit. Seriously, if I ever do a midnight screening again, I'm going to make sure I have leave available to take the next morning off from work. I did not sleep last night so much as I had two naps totaling two hours and forty-five minutes.

Seriously, though, I enjoyed it. I enjoy midnight openings because it's really the last bastion of the communal film-going experience -- any other time, the rest of the crowd feels like a nuisance, but when the theater is packed to the gills with people who love film (or a film) enough to be out in the middle of the night, it's something special.

The film itself is a bit scattered and weirdly structured in terms of narrative highs and lows, but a.) that's the Lord of the Rings films all over again and b.) I sort of expected that when I heard they were splitting it in three and putting in all the peripheral stories and background information that get glossed over in the book's main narrative. The other potential issue I see that might turn people off is that it gets a bit...cartoony, for lack of a better word. There's a good bit of singing (though thankfully they cut the tra-la-la-lally crap), and the film just tends to take itself less seriously than the LotR trilogy. I don't personally see that as a problem, since that difference in tone is firmly present in the relevant books -- seriously, go back and read The Hobbit and try to sell yourself on it being Serious Business. It's not happening.

Mostly I wanted to see a bunch of dwarves recklessly endangering a hobbit, and you do get that. Freeman is just as perfectly Bilbo as the trailers led me to hope, and the dwarves are actually differentiated enough in appearance and personality that you could theoretically learn to recognize them all (...I didn't in one viewing, but thirteen bearded men are a lot to track even with the best of writing). I didn't read a cast list before I went in, so I was surprised and delighted to recognize Sylvester McCoy by his voice when he showed up as Radagast, aka the best FailWizard of all time (...alright, best FailWizard barring Rincewind). Gandalf did a good bit of masquerading as a FailWizard, as per the book -- no character was immune from being the butt of many jokes (except maybe Thorin, because Thorin actually is Serious Business). Gollum/Smeagol in particular is/was very funny, and the Riddles in the Dark sequence was wonderful (though it was always one of my favorite parts of the book, too).

Overall, I give it a big thumbs up. I will note that it lacks focus on the titular character, but I was really taken by the dwarves' history and mission. You really don't see that much about the dwarves in LotR -- or really many dwarves in general. Dwarves vs. goblins makes for some really neat (sometimes silly, sometimes serious) battle sequences, and I liked the warg redesign. It's kind of nice to see a Middle Earth story that isn't Fate of the World, too (I like seeing smaller stories -- not everything needs to be Fate of the World), though with the peripheral materials added in, some of the lead-up to the LotR trilogy does naturally seep in. I don't remember the "ending" all that clearly, but I'm sure I'll be seeing it again at least once before it leaves theaters.
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Game opens on December 1st, 2012.


For the past few years, the world has become more and more temporally unstable. Rifts in time and space have started opening up all around the world, letting things slip through. Things like monsters, aliens, weird artifacts, strange people from different universes... and you. Dropped onto the busy island of Manhattan, will you side with the agency working to protect the Earth from dangerous supernatural beings, join the rebellion and fight for freedom, or walk your own path? Will you just try to live your life and keep out of trouble, or will you be the one causing the trouble? Either way, you’ll cross paths with more than a few uncommon people in this city, and maybe someday, you’ll even call the big city “home”.


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There's a clip up for an upcoming episode of House MD. All the asexuals on my flist need to watch that, right now.

And then try to remember how breathing works.


I'm nervous, because of course I can see this going two different ways. There have been times when House was wrong, and hopefully this will be played out as one of those times. If it does turn out that they're going to say it's just a medical problem after all, I'm going to be a sad panda. Scratch that, an extremely angry panda. But it could be so damn awesome if they actually do it right.
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Writer's Block: Bah Humbug Day!

Take a deep breath. Now rant about something.

I've already done so much ranting on the subject of the horrible new comment format that I'm kind of ranted out just this moment. I've said it elsewhere and I'll say it again here: while I may continue to use LJ if this remains the format I am forced to use, I will sure as hell not be paying for the privilege.
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As of tomorrow, no more subject lines in comments on LJ

*sigh* Had this pointed out to me - as of now, I've disabled automatic payments on all my LJ accounts, because I am not paying for a service they've decided to make even less usable.

Originally posted by moerlin at As of tomorrow, no more subject lines in comments on LJ
I was gonna update this with much happier stuff, but for the past week I've just been so enraged with LJ's asshattery that I've had it to here.

In case you didn't know, on 12/12 they first announced sneakily on the Russian journal of LJ's design guy that with new changes being implemented tomorrow, there will be no more subject lines in comments and that this change was "non-negotiable" (good round-up and translation here). I'm sure you all realize that this will basically make fandom and RP communities unusable. LJ's staff, however, doesn't give a shit. At least 18 pages of 100% negative feedback didn't sway them.

They've backpedaled some and will make keeping comment subject lines optional in some S2 styles, but the default (that 99% of communities are running right now) will decidedly be subject-less! Not to mention that their new and frankly, fucking ugly design will take forever to load and make the site a pain to use on mobile browsers.

And oh, it looks like they might be taking away the drop-down menu to select icons as well, so you'll have to load all your icons as pictures to select them. Lovely. (I will beta-test tonight to see if this is actually true.)

Really, I don't know why I'm surprised. LJ is always fucking with the parts of the site that actually work and breaking them, so this is just another instance of that. Because seriously, who are subject lines hurting by just being there? (And no, it can't be a matter of server strain, considering the new "graphic" interface will definitely be using up more resources - so much fun when there's DDoS attacks!)
As far as I know, they've never once listened to their customers, so those thousands of comments already posted probably won't do shit. I've left a message expressing my concerns about the new comment pages here anyway; so if you want to do that too, go for it! If anything, it helps with the rage. ;)

FYI: Dreamwidth is feeling Christmasy has reacted to LJ's bullshit and has open account creation (no invite codes needed) for the rest of the week. Might be a good idea to get your back-up or new home, whatever the case may be, up and running now.

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The Library Phantom

There's been a lot of buzz about this in library circles over the last half year, but I don't think I ever got around to posting links on here. Edinburgh has (had? no, has) a library phantom - an artist who left a series of paper sculptures in libraries and museums. She has remained anonymous, but recently left a last sculpture along with a note explaining only a little of the mystery (i.e. that she was a woman and not a professional artist) and saying that this was the last of ten scupltures (at the time that note was found, only eight sculptures were known - thankfully, once everyone knew to look for two more they turned up pretty quickly).

A brief article on the subject.

Seriously, flip through those photos. These sculptures are amazing. One hopes they'll be preserved and exhibited for future visitors - I understand that three of the ten are currently up for display in the places where they were found.